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Welcome to Change Fitness. Our mission is to help you Find Your Finish Line! Change Fitness provides a range services to help you get there. We believe everyone can be a positive Role Model and we would love to be a part of your journey. Check out how we can help you CLICK HERE


  • Blain Joseph Kapea

    Not enough words to describe how you guys are… Encouraging, Caring, Determination, Team Work, Family – a few words that pop to mind. Keep up the great work guys and I’ll see you on Friday before I venture back to Sydney!    

  • Shelley Shaw

    So awesome to have a group of caring people wanting to help people achieve their goals and dreams!!!! A non intimidating environment!!! All so friendly – I know they going to help me cross many finish lines!!!!!

  • Mindi Clews

    Change Fitness Run Group – Best fitness decision I ever made! What a welcoming, encouraging, supportive crew – both the coaches and the others just like me who want to walk, run and just do better than they thought they could. And I did…awesome! Don’t hold back, don’t wait – just join. I’ll see you there.

  • Megan Mcmillian

    Amazing people doing amazing things to help others . I joined the evening run groups around September 2014 , I remember my first night struggling to even run the warm up lap. I walked most of it. Now though, I can run a full 5k ! Never did I ever think I could do that. You guys have helped not only with my weight loss but also making me into a healthier , fitter person – role model for my two girls. I feel amazing ! Cannot wait to join you guys again in a couple of months thanks for everything x

  • Geoffery Nelson

    Awesome bunch of trainers, very positive and accommodate for all levels of fitness! Look forward to running along side you guys in the future!! thanks heaps 🙂

  • Gemma Ross

    Amazing!! Always motivating, supporting and encouraging me. Love my newly added family. Such an inspiring group with some very inspiring people. Thank you for keeping me positive, determined and for backing me 100% #gemzdiary

  • Graham Emsley

    Love the Change Fitness Run Group , Awesome People, Great Encouragement and Proven Results. Big thumbs up guys keep up the great work. I will definitely be back for more and recommend your services to others.

  • Rawiri Nathan

    Since I have started my journey with Change Fitness, my life has never been better. I love the support, encouragement and passion that Change Fitness has for the people they work with. We are not just another client, but part of their whanau, which helps me, keep on keeping on.

  • Lisa Hammington

    Amazing people, inspirational and one my favourite times of the week! Once you start, you’ll be addicted!

  • Jodie Schrader

    Week 3 of bootcamp! I’m feeling very challenged. From having the discipline of getting up so early, to pushing myself each morning has given me so much more self belief. I’m now inspired. I was once the person who would always find the excuse to give myself permission to not “try”… that has changed! It’s great taking time for me to take care of me. Thank you so much to all of the personal trainers! You guys are truely awesome and so motivational in a non threatening way that makes me want to better me! Thank you

  • Alicia Gibb

    Since training with Nathan and the Change Fitness team I have pushed myself further than I ever thought I could and I feel amazing! I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to make long term lifestyle changes to contact Change Fitness and get on board!

  • Caitlyn Duffy

    Absolutely amazing with their continuous support, guidance and generosity! Will help you with anything that you set your mind on and provide on-going support to help you achieve those goals. Achieve great results and live a healthier lifestyle. Love what you do! Such a wonderful opportunity to be a part of.

  • Sarai Hemara

    Love CBD run group with these guys, third week in and I can feel the difference already. Professional and friendly advise! Highly recommend.

  • Ginny Whatarau

    Its been an amazing time training with Change Fitness. I love the Mana in this roopu. Its outstanding – encouraging, praise, excellent role models, well organised, awesome whanau, supportive and fun (thou it may not seem so at the time but we are all reaping rewards).

  • Kate Burgees

    I think the work change fitness does with individuals of all different walks of life, shapes and fitness levels is truly inspirational. I like that the focus is on health and well being & achieving personal goals rather than being weight focused 🙂

  • Michelle Draper

    Thanks for change fitness for being a good mentor and helping me cross the line.

  • Charlotte McCorkindale

    Such a great team of encouraging trainers!! Cant wait until the next session

  • Brad Christensen

    Nath and the team are awesome! #motivating #inspiring highly recommend

  • Grace Hemara

    Love, support and laughs though every workout! Change fitness will put your though your paces no matter what level of fitness your at, I would highly recommend to any and everybody out there! Get involved in the Change ♥

  • Steve Muir

    Great people and awesome training . Highly recommended if your looking to improve your running and cycling times for your next event.

  • Olivia Silverwood

    Super motivating and supportive team – highly recommend the Change run group; it’s helped me get my running mojo back. Plus the team go above and beyond with giveaways and good advice. Come away from the sessions feeling awesome. Keep up the good work.

  • Bee Rei

    I feel this is awesome 🙂 Positive change is encouraging and empowering for people to do it 🙂

  • Nat Frew

    Fantastic trainers, very inspirational and supportive!

  • Rebecca White

    Amazing bunch of people, totally inspirational and will assist you toward your finish line! I have never been encourage by so many people, I never thought I would be running or considering anything more.

  • Sarah Holmwood

    Nathan and the team at Change Fitness are AMAZING – they’ve inspired me to change my life. When I first started with the Run Group, I turned up knowing no-one but was made to feel so welcome – that kept me going back! Nathan helped me realise what my fitness goals were and helped me to put together a plan to reach them. Honestly, I’ve changed so much in the past 6 months (who would believe I’d be cycling – on the road!!) and it’s down to being part of this wonderful group who really care. I’m proud to be part of Change Fitness for life!

  • Jarrod Murrell

    So much support and motivation from the Change Fitness team. Definitely would not have been able to achieve what I have in the time that I did without them!

  • Matt Frew

    A fun, supportive run group that caters for all levels of fitness. Really friendly, knowledgeable instructors.

  • Leigh Albert

    Love their ethos and their values…amazing team!

  • Dean Robb

    Anyone who enjoys running and wants to take it to the next level, the Change Fitness Run Group is where you want to be. The running knowledge, guidance and expertise Nathan and the team have is 2nd to none, with the team not only being instructors but actually getting out there and being role models themselves in completing the same events everyone is working towards. During my time with the group I managed to smash my personal best run times most weeks and performing surprisingly well on event day. I would like to thank Nathan and the team for getting me to where I am now and look forward to joining them again in the next group for round the bays. I would encourage anyone looking for that little bit extra in their runs to join.

  • Tania Lister

    I love how professional yet achievable and friendly this team is to the non-athlete! Such an inspiring group led by an inspiring leader Nathan. Reliable, professional, genuine and friendly, they are all open to any silly question and they all make you feel supported all the way through – Change Fitness go above and beyond to help you find your own finish line – this unfit (although getting fitter) stay at home mum approves!! Keep up the great work!

  • Lianne Brenjnakowski

    Change Fitness has so many inspiring people it makes your goals seem more achievable. Loving being able to train with other people, doing it on your own can be a challenge. Thanks so much to the Change Fitness team who are so very encouraging.

  • Maria Emsley

    After the 2 weeks free trial I was able to run 5k would never have done that without your help. Change Fitness are Awesome they make you feel part of their family they inspired me thanks Nathan, Rose and the team Of Change Fitness for pushing me.