Change Fitness #RIDERS is a 10-week programme designed to make you a better cyclist…whether it be road cycling or triathlon we will get you strong and fit on your bike!

Over 10 weeks you will be taken through a progressive programme designed by Ironman, NZ age group representative triathlete and Endurance Coach Nathan Martin. The programme starts with you understanding some of the basics that Nathan believes makes a strong and efficient cyclist, with the main focuses being Intensity Training Zones and Cadence. Once you understand how hard to push you’re ready to take on the 10-week challenge.

All sessions are time, intensity and cadence based. These will be done in a group setting on your indoor wind trainer and your own road or TT bike. Doing these sessions in a group will help you get that extra effort out and ultimately push harder than you would on your own at home.

Come along and experience a solid 10-weeks of indoor cycle training 2 x per week and see the difference it makes to your cycle fitness.

LOCATION: The location is Belmont Hall, Lower Hutt, adjacent to the motorway for easy access to and from Wellington City, Upper Hutt and Lower Hutt.

TIME: Sessions start at 5.45am and finish at 6.30am (arrive at 5.30am to set up)

COST: Our programme is priced at a very affordable $8 per session, $16 per week, $160.00 for the full 10-week programme.