The Change Fitness #WHANAUJOURNEY 2018 programme is an inspirational journey that will challenge you to take yourself to another level of fitness both physically and mentally. Whether you are new to triathlon or have done #WJ or a triathlon before the newly formatted programme will challenge you to step up. The best thing about #WJ18 is that you will train for an individual sport in a whanau (family) environment where everyone is welcome and everyone is there to support you along the way.

This is year 4 for us running the #WJ group programme and each year our goal is to make it better. We finish the journey in Napier at the IronMaori Half Ironman and this year will be no different celebrating the 10th anniversary of this iconic event that has changed many lives. Event date is Saturday 1 December 2018.

The first bit of exciting news is that this year we have grown the journey to have two training options for the Half Ironman journey… a BEGINNER / NOVICE programme for the first-timers or those looking to complete the event with the minimum amount of training and a brand new ADVANCED programme for those looking to be more competitive!

Secondly we are planning to launch the very first #WJ18 Quarter Ironman journey which will finish in Napier in November with athletes completing the IronMaori Quarter Ironman distance 1km swim / 45km bike / 10km run. This programme is designed for BEGINNER / NOVICE athletes and will start late May. We are super excited about this as it means we get to help more people find their finish line! Details released early 2018…






Both programmes are designed and led by Award Winning Trainer & Coach Nathan Martin who is an 8 x Ironman Finisher, NZ Age Group Representative Triathlete, Overall Winner or numerous IronMaori events and Coach of many finishers over all triathlon distances.


This is a journey that spans over 9 months with 4 x 9-week training blocks with a week off in between


BLOCK 2: 14 MAY – 15 JULY



This year we have two options for participants


The beginner / novice programme is designed for first-timers as well as those who may have done the journey before but want to complete the event (this will be similar to the previous 2017 programme) This programme will be the minimum required for successful completion of the IronMaori Half Ironman suitable for those new to the sport or with more time restrictions to train. Expectation of hours required per week below…

BLOCK 1: 4-5hrs per week

BLOCK 2: 5-6hrs per week

BLOCK 3: 6-8hrs per week

BLOCK 4: 8-10hrs per week


The advanced programme will be more challenging with more detailed and specific sessions to boost performance. It is primarily designed for those who have either been previous members of #WJ or completed a triathlon before and want to see how far they can push themselves. This programme will be for those looking for a time improvement and also have more time to train. As a part of your build up we will be recommending the IronMaori Quarter IM which is in November. (cost for this one not included). Expectation of hours required per week below…

BLOCK 1: 6-8hrs per week

BLOCK 2: 8-10hrs per week

BLOCK 3: 10-12hrs per week

BLOCK 4: 12-14hrs per week

The coolest thing is that athletes following either of the above programmes will be able to train together at times and work as one whanau as we all head to the same Finish Line!

There will be key group sessions as below:

– Monday & Wednesday Walk & Run Group sessions 6.30-7.30pm

– Friday Night Swim Squad 6.00-6.30pm (30mins Technique focus)

– Sunday ride / brick session 8.00am start

Walk & Run Group:

In these sessions you will get a chance to develop you technique and speed with running. The sessions are run by Nathan Martin and will be up to 5km in distance with a focus on interval training and technique also. You will join our wider Walk & Run Community, so there will be lots of training buddies for you.

Swim Squad:

In these 30minutes sessions you will learn the correct technique for swimming in a group environment. Every session will be technique based, the fitness work you can do on your own or with other #WJ members. We have 4 private lanes booked at Huia Pool for these sessions and you will be led by our swim coach Georgie Goulding who will also be joining you on the journey to complete her first Half Ironman. We are stoked to have an expert like Georgie on the team. Georgie will also be providing you swim homework programme (both at beginner and advanced level) to follow and complete in your own time. From October onwards the group swims will be in the ocean to build your open water confidence. NOTE: you don’t need to be able to swim to start this journey. Each year we have many new swimmers that learn to swim over the 9 month programme.






A little bit from Georgie…

“I’m very passionate about swimming and swim safety around the water. I swam competitively for 18 years and completed my undergrad degree on a swimming scholarship at Pace University in New York. The 200m butterfly and 400m freestyle were my best events and am still holding onto the 200m butterfly university record. I think technique is paramount with swimming and is a major focus in my coaching and my own swimming. I now teach at intermediate level and am really looking forward to completing #whanaujourney18″

Sunday Ride / Brick session:

These will become the key sessions for the week and will build into the longest session where you develop your endurance as the year goes on. All session will start at 8.00am you can expect to have a course mapped out for you to complete and also a briefing of the course before each ride. Briefing will either be in person or via FB live on our private #WJ18 group page. The courses will be mapped by our very own Steven Green who has been a part of #WJ since it began along with his whanau. 







Steve is an ex-military man so make sure you are on time!

Road Bike Licence:

This year we introduce a Road Bike Licence that every member of #WJ18 must be signed of and assessed on before rolling out on the busy public roads. For those already competent on the bike, you will only need to attend the first of 6 sessions and in that session Nathan will ask you a few questions and sign you off.

In the 6-week course you can expect to go from classroom to car park and upon completion to the road where you will be confidant an capable of looking after yourself and other riders.

You can expect to learn and be assessed on a bike safety check, signalling, pointing out hazards, changing a flat tyre, drinking and eating while riding, what to do at busy intersections to list some of the skills we believe are important for a safe and enjoyable ride.

This will be done over the first 6 x Sundays of the Journey starting. (1st session only for experienced riders, from week 2 onwards you will be out on the road training)

As part of the #WJ18 Half Ironman Journey your programme will also include…

– Membership access to the private Facebook group for the duration of the programme #WJ18-HALFIM

– Full training programme to follow

– Educational Seminars (Swim Tech, Cycle Tech, Run Tech, Nutrition, Event Prep, Motivation)

– Entry fees covered for the IronMaori Half Ironman Event

– Brand NEW release #WJ RED CAMO trisuit

– Your very own #WJ athlete tee

We will have milestone markers along the way…

– 10km run (Block 1 or 2 depending on your programme – beginner or advanced)

– 21km run (Block 2 or 3 depending on programme – beginner or advanced)

– 100km cycle (Block 3)

– #WJ training camp (Block 4) where we do our own triathlon (additional cost, last year was between $50-$100pp)

Other main costs you will need to consider:

– road bike and cycle gear (will ned this as the programme starts in March)

– an indoor cycle trainer

– wetsuit (will need this by October)

– pool entry / membership

– sports watch to track and record your training (an optional training tool that will help keep you on track)


The #WJ18-HALFIM programme is priced at $2875 and we have 3 payment options as below

  1. $2875 in full before 5 March 2018
  2. $500 deposit – $59.38 p/week for 40 x weeks from 5 March 2018
  3. No deposit – $71.88 p/week x 40 weeks from 5 March 2018

We would love you to take on this challenge no matter what level you are at, at the end of the day it’s about you finding your finish line!





Kay Lindsay Scholarship:

This year we have an opportunity for someone to take on this challenge thanks to our long standing swim coach Kay Lindsay. Kay has been an important part of many journeys through #WJ and is taking this year off. Kay wants to continue to help by donating one FULL #WJ18-HALFIM ENTRY to someone who has never done anything like this before and is ready to make a big lifestyle change. All you have to do is either nominate yourself or someone you know by filling in our nomination form and telling us yours or their story. The decision on the successful applicant will be announced early 2018.