About Us

Change Fitness is a fitness community led by Nathan & Rose Martin. Nathan and Rose have two amazing boys Noah and Finn who inspire them to do their best. Their number one goal is to be good role models for their boys and to show them the joy that being fit, healthy and helping people brings.

Nathan’s journey in the health & fitness industry started back in 2006 when he decided to change his life for the better, fitness became the vehicle for change.

Early on Nathan found a passion for strength and conditioning, body alignment and muscle activation to improve performance and prevent injuries. Nathan worked as a personal trainer at Les Mills and then combining that with various leaderships and management roles built a wealth of knowledge and experience in the health and fitness industry.

Along the way Nathan was introduced to endurance sport and took on the challenge to become an ironman in 2010, this changed Nathan’s life forever. Nathan developed his skills, knowledge and experience as an endurance sports coach from then on in with various courses and building his endurance client portfolio of success.

With Nathan achieving such a big milestone and improving his health dramatically this led to a permanent change in his mindset and a huge desire to help others find their own finish line through setting fitness goals.

Nathan now leads Change Fitness as an endurance sports coach and personal trainer as well as the creator and instructor of our group training programs. Rose is a big part of Change Fitness too, supporting in the background and sharing her love for helping people at every opportunity she gets.

The Change Fitness community is made up of people at all fitness levels on their own health & fitness journey, doing their best and supporting each other. Join us! We can help you find your next finish line!