About Us



Hi, Nathan & Rose here, we are a passionate hard working couple who have been helping people achieve life changing results since 2008.

We will help you find your finish line each and every time. No matter what your endurance sport goal is we will support and encourage you all the way!


First timers need support

You might be new to it all and finding it hard to figure out where to start, we can help you.


Been training for a while? Time for a change 

Maybe you’ve been at it a while and now you’re looking for a fresh approach to your next event. 


Technology and data driven

You might need accountability and measures to keep you on track. We love technology, science and data and use this to give you individualised and specific advice with some of the latest devices and software. 


The best support 

It might be coaching support and a unique training approach you need to get the most out of your time and to fit training into your busy schedule. Support and communication is at the top of our list!


Making it fun

Maybe it’s about having fun and being a part of an amazing team culture. Fantastic! We work hard on keeping things fun.


Our passion 

Our passion comes from our journey and the personal happiness and success that has come from the amazing experiences endurance sport has given us. 

Now we get to pass that onto you and be a part of your journey, helping you create your own amazing experiences and achieving your own success.


Nathan Martin your coach, trainer and motivator

  • Proud dad to Noah & Finnlay
  • 9 x Ironman Finisher
  • Ironman AG (M35-39) World Championship “Kona Qualifier” 2018 (Cairns)
  • Ironman 70.3 AG (35-39) World Championship Qualifier 2019 (Taupo)
  • ITU AG World Championship NZ Representative (standard & long distance triathlon)
  • Coach to many inspiring athletes of all levels from around NZ and overseas


Rose Martin your supporter and positive energy provider 

  • #1 supporter 
  • Fun loving mum to Noah & Finnlay 
  • Talented photographer, amazing at capturing special moments
  • Passion for good food 


Together we help you Find Your Finish Line!