Endurance Coach - Nathan Martin

Hi, my name is Nathan Martin. I live in the Hutt Valley, Wellington, New Zealand. I am a husband to my beautiful wife Rose and dad to our two amazing boys Noah and Finnlay.

Helping people become fitter, healthier and happier has been a passion of mine since 2007 when I decided to do exactly that for myself. Progressive change is the best way I can describe my journey, each day, each week, each month and each year aiming to improve my life in some way. Over a decade later I am a new person living life to the fullest and finding ways to help more and more people do the same.

It hasn’t been easy though, there have been plenty of road blocks where I’ve had to find alternative pathways. There is always a way if your goal is clear and you have the right support around you.

My role is to help people do their best and keep moving forward towards their goals. I love learning by experience and I’m a big believer in practicing what I teach. I lead by example and have done many courses over the years as well as plenty of work in the nutrition space. My goal is to continue to evolve both personally and for my clients. The main objective for me is to be as healthy as possible.

My passion

My biggest passion is supporting people as an Endurance Coach. I have been doing this for over a decade now and helped hundreds of everyday athletes find their true potential. It’s more than just sport for me, it’s building a lifestyle that enhances self belief and confidence. I work with a wide range of people and my goal is the same for every one, to help them do their best. I work with triathletes, duathletes, runners, cyclists and multi-sporters.

Nothing is more rewarding as a coach than seeing people achieve things they never thought possible. People I work with are generally trying to balance work, home life and trying to make best use of their time. The cool thing is that they understand the value of putting time into themselves which is something I learnt early on and realised I actually had more to give to others if I took time for myself. That’s why endurance sport is so great, because it makes you take time for yourself, especially if I’m coaching you. My number one goal as your endurance coach is that you feel supported.


Becoming a husband and father

Changing my life

Helping thousands of people change their lives

9 x Ironman finisher 2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018

Kona Qualifier – Ironman World Championships (9.33 – M35-39) 2018

Ironman 70.3 World Championships Qualifier (M35-39) 2019

NZ top 5 – Personal Trainer of the year 2014

NZ Fitness Prestigious Award Winner (contribution to professionalism and standards) 2014

Over $100k raised for charity through my community projects 2012-present

ITU age group representative for NZ (triathlon) 2012, 2017

Lead coach for the Whanau Journey program which transforms everyday people into Half Ironman athletes 2014-present

Coach to many NZ representative age group triathletes

Let me help you achieve your goals

I take my job as your endurance coach pretty seriously, time is precious and I want to make sure you are making the most of it. Supporting you as the athlete is a special honour for me and an evolving coach/athlete relationship is the key to bringing out your best whether you’re starting out or stepping up to the next level.


100% the most important thing to me is you feel supported

Programme & exercise prescription.

I’ll be honest, I am a data geek. I use a method of analysing and interpretation data to give you the best possible advice I can. I use the platform “Training Peaks” which in short accounts for each and every training session you do (or don’t do) and provides a true representation of whether you are on track. I use this data to update your plan with the intention to advise you to the highest level I can in regards to how much and what type of training you should do to achieve your goals. My athletes love this and some of the comments have been that it leaves no stone unturned. Based on all this data and open communication you will turn up to your goal event with a smart plan for your big day. No two athletes plans are the same, and for good reason. Everyones lives move differently and so should your training plan, it should match you and your lifestyle.

Connect & learn.

With most endurance sports being individually focussed, I really try to create a supportive athlete community to encourage you on your journey. Ask me lots of questions, I love sharing knowledge.

Online athletes get.

a personalised day to day training plan each week prepared by me just for you

unlimited text and email support (response asap) not available Saturdays

programme delivered via Training Peaks weekly

unlimited adjustment to your programme – just text or email as above

Premium athletes get.

all of the above +

contact in person or over the phone weekly or fortnightly

nutrition support and guidance

Online Coaching

We can work together from anywhere in the world

$57.50 per week

All prices are in NZD, include GST and there is no minimum term

Premium Coaching

Ideal for those who want the highest level of support with regular contact with me

$75.00 per week (fortnightly catch up)

$100.00 per week (weekly catch up)

All prices are in NZD, include GST and there is no minimum term

Additional extras

1 on 1 personal training sessions @ $80.50 per 45min session

All prices are in NZD and include GST

What my athletes say

BIG GOALS becoming a reality – Ronin Whelan

“Why did I choose Nathan Martin?… His belief for me never changed! I first met Nathan after my 2nd Ironman event back in June 2018 (IMCAIRNS) I was in the airport waiting for my flight home where he approached me out of interest. He sat opposite me and asked me what my goals was for the future, answering his question with my childhood dream I said “I wanted to race in Kona at the Ironman World Championship against Ironman’s top age group athletes.” I was expecting to get the same answer I always did… “That’s a big ask don’t you think?” But instead he smiled and said “I believe you can get to Kona” and he continued to break it down with the way he achieved it for himself,  for the first time in my life someone had taken the time to show me Kona was a more realistic goal than I thought, and took the time to show me the necessary things in order to achieve my goal, but without doubting me for a single moment he said I could get to Kona.

Nathan introduced me to a whole new world, he immersed me in the knowledge of consistency and the power of marginal gains within a big picture and how little things could become game changes. Before working with Nathan I had no experience with run dynamics, pacing, aerobic / anaerobic energy systems, power meter training, mental preparation and correct day to day nutrition and race fuelling. Within 3 months time we were able to address all of those areas an much more…

After 3 months of working with Nathan, waking up dormant skills, training consistently, following Nathan’s guidance and sticking to the plan I was able to lose the added 14kgs I had put on previously, to everyone’s surprise not only did I complete Ironman 2019 but I knocked a complete hour off my previous time with only 3 months working with Nathan.” We are going to get to Kona!

~ Ronin

First-time IRONMAN – Amanda Green

“I started training with Nathan in July 2018 having just completed a marathon. Whilst I was a confident runner I had no swim or cycling experience and needed some help if I was to achieve my goal of completing an Ironman. Nathan helped me through the next nine months with a structured programme that was flexible around work and life commitments and ensured I was ready for the big day. I achieved the goal and completed Ironman NZ in March 2019 with the day itself hugely enjoyable as I knew I was so well prepared.”

~ Amanda

Endurance CYCLIST – Nick Dunn

“I have had the pleasure of having Nath coaching me for the past three years of my cycling journey – and have only good things to say about his (and the wider Change Fitness crew’s) services! Three years ago, after getting into cycling and trying a few different disciplines of road riding, I decided that endurance cycling was my thing – and something I wanted to commit to pursuing, even if I had only ever ridden short distances.

Fast forward to today, and Nath has (and continues) to help me achieve results that I never would’ve thought possible. In the time I have worked with Nath, I have gone from wondering if I could ever ride 100km, to competing in organized events (Lake Taupo – Enduro – 320km, K2 Coromandal – 185km, Graperide Magnum – 202km), as well as many other 100/200/300km non-competitive weekend rides throughout NZ. This year, I will be returning to the Lake Taupo to take on the Maxi Enduro (640km) thanks to the coaching support from Nath”

~ Nick 

Non-runner to RUNNER – Koshick Ranchhod

“I have had Nathan as my coach for about a year, I initially heard about Nathan through friends. I asked Nathan to help me with running and what I have experienced since working with Nathan is a journey of never ending improvement. Nathans approach has been tailored to my needs, he has a great balance of using science and experience to get the best out of me. As a coach he knows just what I need to progress to the next level. Nathan also has a knack of getting you outside your comfort zone and he leads by example which keeps me motivated. The amount of time and effort he puts into his clients reflects the awesome community he has built at Change Fitness.”

~ Ko

A dream come true, I’m REPRESENTING NZ – Kirsty Bullard

“Since starting 1 on 1 coaching with Nathan I have gone from strength to strength. Having started Triathlon only 2.5 years ago he has helped me hone my skills on all 3 disciplines. I went from being a runner that only had one pace to a runner that now understands different tempo’d runs and their benefits in training. This has seen me constantly be able to achieve PBs in 5km, 10km and ½ marathon distances.

With Nathan’s coaching I was also able to achieve NZ age group selection for the NZ Tri team travelling to Spain in April this year. Something I never imagined I would be doing.”

~ Kirsty

Taking PERFORMANCE to the Next Level – Narf Taru

“I have been working 1 on 1 with Nathan and I’m absolute thrilled with not only his wealth of knowledge and professional services but the personal touch that he puts into working together. Our weekly contact provides opportunities for reviewing and planning our goals from the previous and forthcoming week. Nathan has definitely been the catalysis for taking my Performance to the Next Level.”

~ Narf

Making a COMEBACK – Mike Hunn

 “In the middle of 2018 I had open heart surgery. I always knew I wanted to get back to my normal level of fitness (and then some) asap. In early 2019 I enlisted Nathan to help me fine tune my training and I gave a fairly unrealistic list of goals. The first goal was a sub 3 hour Karapoti Classic. With only 6 weeks training and 7 months after surgery, I achieved a 3:05 with a puncture. Ride time was under 3 hours. Stoked!

Since then, as I slowly regain my fitness, Nathan has continually kept track of my sessions and results and has been absolutely pivotal in my gains. I’m excited about what the future holds as Nathan helps me to conquer my goals and PR’s.”

~ Mike

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