Andy recently took over 60 minutes off his Ironman 70.3 time after 7 months of coaching with Nathan.

Nathan Martin

Endurance Coaching

Nathan has been coaching both male and female athletes of all levels and abilities since 2010. Nathan has an equal passion for helping people get started and teaching them the basics right through to helping experienced age group athletes fine tune and reach the top.

Nathan started having to learn to do everything from scratch as an adult and is a passionate coach who has personally achieved a number of the “Everyday Athlete” lifetime milestones. Qualifying as an age grouper for the Ironman 70.3 and the Ironman (Kona) World Championships, representing NZ as an ITU age group athlete and continuing to push his boundaries with running from 5k (17.21 current PR) to marathon (2.51 current PR).

Nathan has a history of success helping people to reach their full potential with many who have worked with Nathan becoming Half Marathon, Marathon and Ultra Marathon finishers. Endurance Cyclists, NZ age group Duathlon and Triathlon representatives, Ironman and Ironman 70.3 finishers as well as Multi-sporters achieving personal milestones.

Nathan works with goal driven everyday people wanting to make a change, each athlete is different and so too is their training programme. Nathan’s philosophy is simple, train smart, do your best and enjoy your journey. Nathan uses the “Training Peaks” coaching platform to prescribe, monitor, analyse and provide feedback specifically to each athlete so they know how they’re doing towards their big goals. This allows Nathan to coach athletes from Anywhere in the World. Even more importantly though, Nathan helps his athletes find their optimal balance with all other areas of life factored in such as work and family commitments.

If you have a goal you want to achieve please share it with Nathan below and he will get in touch with you to discuss Endurance Coaching options for you.


* Sign on fee $99NZD upon starting

* Online Coaching $57.50NZD per week

* Premium Coaching (fortnightly feedback discussion) $75NZD per week

* Premium Coaching (weekly feedback discussion) $95NZD per week

Nathan works with only a limited number of athletes to ensure he can provide each athlete with the coaching and support they require

Online athletes get

* a personalised day to day training plan prepared by Nathan which is analysed, reviewed and feedback given each week

* unlimited text and email support (response asap) not available Saturdays

* programme delivered via Training Peaks weekly

* unlimited adjustment to your programme – just text or email as above

Premium athletes get

* all of the above +

* discussion with Nathan in person or over the phone weekly or fortnightly

* nutrition support and guidance

Nathan is currently studying

* female physiology training and nutrition with Dr. Stacy Sims

* Precision Nutrition level 1 Certificate

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