Change Fitness

Change Fitness is about helping you find your Finish Line and our philosophy is simple, “Everybody is a Role Model to someone that is looking top to them.” At Change fitness we believe our role is simple, to provide an environment and services to help you connect with others, challenge yourself, feel good about yourself and inspire others take the steps to improve their lives too!

Director Nathan Martin has been in the health & fitness industry since 2006 and has always had a desire to help people, it was through his own Ironman triathlon journey overcoming his personal challenges and crossing the Finish Line that gave Nathan the tools and self belief to take control of his life and to feel good about himself, but most importantly to pass this on to others and to help them to become great Role Models for their friends and families.

Remember…We will help you Find Your next Finish Line!

The Martin Charitable Trust

Change fitness’s charity of choice is The Martin Charitable Trust. Nathan along with wife Rose founded the charitable trust in 2012 to ingrain their passion of health & well being in the Hutt Valley Community. Each year MCT raises money to support their vision of giving more children an opportunity to develop those same tools Nathan has through sport and ultimately become great Role Models for the future.