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It is a real privilege to run, we are so lucky!Nathan Martin

Come along to this very detailed 2-day (10hr) workshop with Coach & Athlete Nathan Martin.

Nathan has been running for over a decade and has continued to improve and set new Personal Best times over all distances from 5km to Marathon.


Saturday 27th + Sunday 28th April

10.00am-3.30pm both days


4 Market Grove, Lower Hutt, Wellington, 5010


Just yourself and your running gear. Nathan will provide the rest

A range of snacks will also be provided on the day


An uplifting experience that shows you areas you could work on to improve your health and to help you progress as a runner

Feedback during the session with any questions you have

Shared knowledge & experience  with all of those in attendance

Insight into Nathan’s running journey as an athlete and a coach

Nathan will personally take you through all of the topics below

Run technique video taken of you and feedback sent the following week

You will create your own plan so you can achieve success on your running journey



In this 2-day workshop Nathan will guide you through the below topics to help you get a Personal Best time over your chosen distance.

The Science of Progression

Train and race smart! Learn how to plan, monitor and track your progression in the smartest way possible giving you focus and purpose with each run session. It’s not about working hard all of the time…become smart. Nathan will share how the system he uses works (Training Peaks) to track, monitor, progress and plan your own training, this has helped many athletes he coaches as well it has been the key to guiding Nathan to success on his own journey.

Different types of Run Training (practical)

Nathan will take you to various locations in Lower Hutt with different run focusses, from flat steady road running to interval training, hill work and off-road running. Learn why these sessions are so important and how to perform them to your best ability so you adapt and change to become a better runner. You will get to train with Nath!

Running Technique

Nathan will explain his view on correct running technique for efficiency. Something that can make a huge difference to your pace!

Nutrition for Adaptation & Performance

Learn how Nathan has transformed his mind & body. Listen as he shares his latest research. How has Nathan made his body so efficient! Nathan will also share what he eats day to day as well as in training and racing. You will have. ago at creating your own plan!

Strength & Conditioning for Running

Nathan will explain how he sees Strength & Conditioning fitting into a runners training programme. Nathan will talk about joints, muscle fibres, types of S & C training, posture, core and how to make the most of your time in the gym or at home. Nathan will show you a routine you can in corporate into you own training programme!

A Positive Mindset for Running

Mindset is key, Nathan will share some of the triggers he uses to create a positive outlook when it matters. Control your mind and you’ll amaze yourself!

Community & Support

One of the keys to success is having a community around you with the same passion. Nathan will share his thoughts on creating the right community around you to bring out the Best Runner in You. Achieve your next big running goal!

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