Virtual In-home Workouts

Do you want to get fit from the comfort of your own home? This is for you!

Award winning trainer Nathan Martin will personally take you through a range of epic at-home workouts to help you build fitness, tone up and increase strength.

These 30-40minute workouts will have you sweating up and burning calories all while getting stronger and making fitness gains.

Nathan delivers a range of different workout styles to make working out from home interesting and effective, challenging both the body and the mind. 

You will be added to our private “Virtual In-home Workouts” Facebook group where you’ll be able to do the workouts LIVE with Nathan (or whenever you like) as well as interact and connect with other members who are all looking for fun and effective workouts just like you. 

We use a combination of bodyweight and resistance bands for our workouts and recommend you get two x full loop bands approximately 13mm and 22mm in width.


We have a monthly subscription set up for all members

  • Live workouts 3 x per week
  • Monday, Wednesday & Friday 6.00am start (30-40mins)
  • Various workout styles (circuit, amrap, etc.)
  • Streamed live on our Facebook private group
  • Video workouts posted to page so you can do later if you miss the live workout
  • Workouts run all year round

Have fun, train consistently and get results!