You are a Role Model to someone looking up to you…Show them how awesome you are by becoming a Change Fitness WHANAU JOURNEY Member! We train together, support each other and have fun along the way. We have members just starting out on their journey who begin training to build their fitness, we have members who have been training for years and are looking to push their limits and see how far they can go and we have members of all levels in between stepping forward on their personal journey to complete a Half Ironman. What we all have in common is that we want to improve our health & fitness, self belief and we want to support each other being a part of something bigger than just ourselves. Being a positive Role Model is much more motivating. You will always find someone to inspire you in WHANAU JOURNEY. The Role Model Community is strong!

As a WHANAU JOURNEY Member  you will be able to reach out and connect with other members through the WHANAU JOURNEY Members Facebook Group Page to organise homework session, coffee catch ups, to share your success or just to show some support to the rest of your whanau.

WHANAU JOURNEY Members will have access to our members Resource library with a new tip added every month.


Walk & Run Group membership 11 March till 7 December 2019

Riders Group membership till 11 March till 7 December 2019

Swim Squad Session and/or homework Friday 6.00-6.30pm @ Huia Pool (entry fee is additional)

Supported Sunday Group session (8.00am start)

Full Day to Day programme to follow from 11 March till 30 November 2019

IronMaori Half Ironman Event Entry Fees

WJ Tri Suit (2019 edition)

WJ Members Tee

Educational Seminars (listed below)

2 x WJ19 Training Camps (30/31 March & 26/27 October)

Access till 7 December 2019 to our Private FaceBook WJ19 Members Group


The journey is broken down into 4 x 9 weeks training blocks with a light recovery week in between

BLOCK 1 (11 Mar – 12 May)

BLOCK 2 (20 May – 21 Jul)

BLOCK 3 (29 Jul – 29 Sep)

BLOCK 4 (7 Oct – 7 Dec)


To mark your progress over the year and to keep you motivated we will be targeting the below events. All are an additional cost to you except the big event the IronMaori Half Ironman…

  • – Great Forest 5k or 10k – 13 April
  • – Wellington 10k or 21k – 30 June
  • – Change Fitness 21k walk/run – 25 August
  • – Change Fitness 100k bike – 29 September
  • – IronMaori Duathlon – 5 October
  • – IronMaori Quarter – 9 November (optional)
  • – IronMaori Half ironman YOUR BIG DAY! – 30 November


Coaching team

Your coaching team includes Nathan Martin (Head Coach), Steven Green (Walk & Run Group, Riders Group + Sunday Support Instructor), Casey Glover (Swim Coach), Alicia Gibb (Riders Instructor) and Matene Solomon (Walk & Run Group Instructor).

Walk & Run Group info CLICK HERE

Riders Group info CLICK HERE

Seminars topics:

  • – run tech
  • – swim tech
  • – cycle skills (bike license)
  • – nutrition
  • – event prep

What you need:

  • – road bike (11 Mar)
  • – indoors trainer (11 Mar)
  • – running shoes (11 Mar)
  • – cycle clothing, padded shorts/tights etc. (11 Mar)
  • – goggles & swim wear (11 Mar)
  • – wetsuit (1 Oct)

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Remember…We will help you Find Your next Finish Line!